Fun and Fast

main_block-speedThere’s simply no workout as effective, fun, and as fast as our 20 minute workouts. Between being a spouse, a parent, and a professional…who has the time to workout like a bodybuilder for hours a day? Every time you walk in a professional trainer will take you through your 20 minute workout, and keep it fun and fast! Try it FREE!

20 Minute GPT

main_block-gptLet’s face it, being one on one with a Trainer is boring. We’re human beings and most of us enjoy being around others which is why Group PT is so effective at maximizing your results, in just 20 minutes! Everyday brings a brand new workout, and every time you show up, you’re pushed toward your goal! Try it FREE!

Fun FitCamps

main_block-fcpIf you’ve ever been to an aerobics or  a fitness class and wondered how it was going to help you get your body back, then ZooFit FitCamps are for you. Unlike regular classes, every FitCamp is designed to make sure you get your body back fast, and have fun in ONLY 20 minutes!  Try it free!

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