90 Day FatFix Program


Version 3.0 of the ZooFit “FitFix” program is officially LIVE! Join now at the super discounted rate of just $239 for 90 days! (regularly $495) We learned a lot from the winners of Round 2 and we can guarantee you even MORE and FASTER results with this NEW version. We track your progress, weight loss, body fat, customize your meals AND most importantly, we fix your fat! Here’s what you get: – 90 Days of Unlimited Personal Training Plus+ – 90 Days of Unlimited FitCamps – Trainers That Keep You On Track – Weekly FitFix Tracking & Progress – Customized “ZooFit” Meal Plans – Fitness and Goal Assignments – Customized FitFixing Workouts – PT+ and FitCamp Sessions Everyday (daily hours, weekend, online)

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